Dandy Stache Rewards


What is Dandy Stache rewards + pay?

Dandy Stache rewards + pay is our all new customer loyalty program designed to reward our valued customers for shopping in our stores and fueling up at our pumps.


How do I get a physical rewards card/key tag?

Although a physical card or key tag is not needed to participate in the program, you can visit any Dandy store to get one. Be sure to register your card or key tag online or in the Dandy Stache app upon receipt to take full advantage of our program. If you already have an account, you will need to link your new physical card or key tag to your pre-existing account.


Where do I register to become a member of Dandy Stache Rewards?

Please download the Dandy Stache app from the App Store or Google Play (search “Dandy Stache”) or visit us online at www.godandy.com/stache.


Please register with your full, legal name.  Also, type out your complete street address, for example, enter “Street” not “St.”  We take your privacy and security very seriously, and our program prioritizes verification that you are who you say you are.  Do not be alarmed if you are asked to provide more verification - this is all to keep your information safe!  You can always call 1-833-4STACHE with further questions. 


What the heck is Dandy Stache Pay?

When you link your checking account to your Dandy Stache rewards account, you’re signed for Dandy Stache Pay!  You can do this when you first sign up, or at any time in the app or online at www.godandy.com/stache. 


Now you can use your Stache pay card or Stache mobile app to earn $0.05 off per gallon every time you fill up.  For the first 30 days you will receive a bonus $0.05 off per gallon, for a total of $0.10 off per gallon.  


REMINDER: The extra $0.05 discount per gallon during your first 30 days will not be reflected on the pump or on the receipt, it will only show up on your bank statement after the fact.  Save your receipts at the pump and check it out yourself!


How do I redeem my points for FREE stuff?!

Points can only be redeemed using the Dandy Stache app.  


What are the benefits of joining the Dandy Stache Rewards program?

Earn Stache Points every time you shop at Dandy to redeem for FREE stuff on the Dandy Stache app!

Buy 8, Get 1 Free pizza slices and self-dispensed drinks!

Exclusive, members-only offers on Dandy menu items, snacks on the shelves, and drinks in the coolers

Save $0.05 per gallon every day with Dandy Stache Pay!

You can also use Dandy Stache Pay to pay for your purchases in-store. 


How do I get loyalty credit for my transactions?

You must use a form of a loyalty ID with each transaction to get credit. There are many loyalty ID options you can choose from and they can all be used interchangeably. You can use your rewards card or key tag, mobile ID or Alt ID(entered into your registration profile) with every in store or fuel transaction to participate in the program. While some restrictions apply, you should use your loyalty ID with every transaction for full program benefits.


I am using my card for each visit, but my app and the website are not updating with points and rewards, why?

Although you may be using your card for each transaction and accruing points and rewards, unless you have linked your card to your account you will not see your rewards status update on the app or website. At any time, you can create an account or use an existing one and link your card. Once you link your card, then your reward status will update on the app or website.


How do I link my physical rewards + pay card or rewards-only key tag to my pre-existing account that I registered on the mobile app?

Link your Dandy Stache rewards + pay card or rewards-only key tag by simply logging into your account online at www.godandy.com/stache or in the Dandy Stache app. 

Online:  1.) Sign In, 2.) Click your name in the top right corner, 3.) Click ‘Rewards Account’, 4.) Follow directions to add card or key tag.

In the mobile app: 1.) Start at the home screen, 2.) Click Menu in top left corner (three stacked lines), 3.) Click Settings, 4.) Click ‘Card Management’, 4.) Follow directions to add card or key tag 


Can I link more than one Dandy Stache Rewards card to my account?

For security purposes, you are unable to link more than 1 card to an account at a time.

When can I start earning points on my card?


You can start earning points right away! Earn 20 points for every $1.00 spent on eligible merchandise in our stores, and 10 points for every gallon of gas. To redeem your points, you will need to register your Dandy Stache Rewards on the mobile app or through the website godandy.com/stache 


Can I earn points on every purchase?

You will earn points on most purchases. Unfortunately, points cannot be earned on alcohol, tobacco, lottery, cash advances, and pre-paid cards (or services). There will be occasional offers available for tobacco or beer products to our customers of legal age to purchase, but points cannot be earned for these purchases.

How do I get my discounts or free items?

Special member pricing is automatically applied when you purchase a qualifying item and use your loyalty ID at the register or at the pump. If you have already redeemed an item from the Dandy Stache Rewards catalog you are all set – just use your loyalty ID with the item you redeemed your points for and the discount is automatically applied.


How do I get the Welcome Reward or Birthday Reward you advertise?

You must be registered to receive some of our special rewards. Once you have successfully registered, the Welcome Reward will appear in your My Rewards section of the mobile app or website once you have logged in, or in the Earned Rewards section of the in store kiosk. This may take up to 24 hours. Your Birthday Reward will be issued 7 days prior to your birthday entered in your profile and will be good for 30 days. 


Do my points expire?

If you’re regularly using your card, your points will not expire. If a period of 12 consecutive months of inactivity has occurred, any remaining points balance will be removed from your card and your account will be deactivated.


Do my rewards expire?

Most rewards will expire 30 days from when you earn them. Some may have shorter expiration dates. You can always visit My Rewards on the Dandy Stache app or by logging into your Dandy Stache Rewards portal on the website to view your individual reward expiration dates, they will be updated in real time.


How can I check my rewards status?

You can check your rewards status a few different ways. The easiest method is to download the Dandy Stache Rewards app from your phone’s app store and sign in or, you can go to our website godandy.com/stache and sign in to your rewards account


I forgot my password and can't login to my account. What can I do?

When attempting to login to your account from the mobile app or website there will be a button for “Forgot Password?” Click that and an automated email will be sent to your email address, guiding you through logging back into your account. If you still need help, email stache@godandy.com or call 1-833-4STACHE


My phone number as my Alt ID doesn't work, but my card and key fob does - what do I do?

There may be an issue with your phone number being connected to multiple accounts. For security reasons, if multiple people register with the same phone number and attempt to use it as a Loyalty ID, it will not work. Please follow our Issue Resolution process if this does not resolve your issue.


How do I update my information (i.e. account preferences, contact info, locations, etc.)?

You can update your information in the settings of your account. Access the settings of your account 1 of 3 ways. You can download the Dandy Stache Rewards app from the app store and sign in, visit us online at godandy.com/stache and sign in, or call 1-833-4STACHE


I have registered my account but am not getting emails or push notifications?

If you have completed the registration process and are not receiving emails or notifications, first check your email address in your profile, just navigate to Settings > Profile and verify your email address. You can also check to make sure you have opted in to receive emails and notifications. Go to Settings > Notifications and ensure the toggles are turned on and appears green.


How do I replace a lost card?

First, unlink your lost card from your account via the app or website by going to the Home screen on the app, then Settings > Rewards Account, tap on your card and then tap Remove Card. Go to any store, get a new card and then link this card. It will transfer over all your points and rewards.


Is my information safe and private?

Yes. All Dandy Stache Rewards + Pay account information is securely encrypted and stored by a third party provider. No personal account information is ever shared outside of Dandy, and no personal information is ever stored and/or accessible at any Dandy store.

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